Winners – October 2021

Feature films: 

What goes around comes around, Best Us feature film  | certificate

Medusa, Best International feature   | certificate

Marcel Duchamp: Art of the possible, Best intl. documentary   | certificate

Four motherless children, Best Us documentary   | certificate

Ballads of the exodus, Best director   | certificate

The professionals, Best first-time filmmaker   | certificate

What goes around comes around, Best actor   | certificate

Class acts, Best actress   | certificate

The curse of lughus, Best music   | certificate

Ballads of the exodus, Best editing   | certificate

Ballads of the exodus, Best cinematography   | certificate

Dancing with Plato, Best unproduced script   | certificate

Class acts, Best produced script in a feature film   | certificate

Short films: 

The decipio, Best Us narrative short   | certificate

The hitchhiker, Best International narrative short   | certificate

Edgar palm in Otrabanda, Best International short documentary   | certificate

Rebel, Best Us documentary short   | certificate

If only, Best Us experimental short   | certificate

The guy on the bed, Best International short experimental   | certificate

Revival, Best micro short   | certificate

It’s ok to love me, Best music video   | certificate

Sleep talking, Best short director   | certificate

Artificial Souldier , Best short producer   | certificate

Mirror, Best short actor   | certificate

Co-kee!, Best short actress   | certificate

Mirror, Best short script   | certificate

The flip side, Best unproduced short script   | certificate

A walk in the park, Best short editor   | certificate

The hole, Best short animation   | certificate

Legacy of woman: Journey of the drum, Best short women empowerment   | certificate

In his pocket, Best male short filmmaker   | certificate

New perspective, best female short filmmaker   | certificate

Knock , Best first-time filmmaker short   | certificate

Fail to escape Sisyphus, Best student short   | certificate

Co-kee!, Best family short   | certificate

Espana 3639- A love letter, Best short history   | certificate

The night that never happened, Best short thriller   | certificate

Artifical Souldier, Best short war   | certificate

No fitness- No love, Best comedy short   | certificate

Cupcake, Best trailer   | certificate

JR “Knows” it all, Best covid   | certificate

Jimmy & Jonny, Best web series/ Tv pilot  | certificate