Winners – November 2021

Feature films: 

UNION, Best Us feature film  | certificate

Bingo, Best International feature   | certificate

The performing faun, Best Intl documentary   | certificate

SARA’S journey, Best Us documentary   | certificate

All-American boy, Best director   | certificate

Think back movie, Best first-time filmmaker   | certificate

SUPPOSED TO BE, Best unproduced script   | certificate

All-American boy, Best produced script in a feature film   | certificate

Short films: 

Follow the Crow, Best Us narrative short   | certificate

Seeds, A poem about life, Best International narrative short   | certificate

Glaistig, Jury special prize for best short   | certificate

EARTH MAN, Best International short documentary   | certificate

For Love the Land, Best Us documentary short   | certificate

Four, Best Us experimental short   | certificate

The Pond, Best International short experimental   | certificate

Sincerely, The sky, Best micro short   | certificate

Elia Berthoud- RUN, Best music video   | certificate

Theseus: Black sail, white sail, Best erotic   | certificate

The Return: A Covid-19 Story, Best high-school level short   | certificate

Mare, Best short director   | certificate

Andrew Ginger/Likes Dogs , Best short producer   | certificate

Everything I Never Said, Best short actor   | certificate

The Accident, Best short actress   | certificate

Stay Safe, Best short script   | certificate

END OF DAYS, Best unproduced short script   | certificate

Sabr, Best short cinematography   | certificate

Mare, Best short editor   | certificate

The Boy and The Mountain, Best short animation   | certificate

Golden Silence, Best short women empowerment   | certificate

LIKE YOU, Best social justice short   | certificate

Trivia Night, Best Lgbtq short   | certificate

Double-Crossed in El Paso, Best male short filmmaker   | certificate

Who brings ice to a funeral?, best female short filmmaker   | certificate

Golden Age , Best first-time filmmaker short   | certificate

CROSSOVER, Best student short   | certificate

Sticks and Stones, Best short thriller   | certificate

Mare, Best horror short   | certificate

10 ½ dates, Best comedy short   | certificate

THE SINS…, Best history short   | certificate

It Takes Talent, Best trailer   | certificate

The Return: A Covid-19 Story, Best covid   | certificate

Crystal the creep: Chronicles of a creep , Best web series/ Tv pilot  | certificate