Winners – February 2022

Feature Film

Safe House 1618/Best Us Feature Film | certificate

MY SON MALIK / MON FILS MALIK /Best International Feature film | certificate

The Nine O’clock Whistle/Best Us Documentary Film | certificate

The Desire To Live/Best International Documentary Film | certificate

Frosty and The Coyotes/Best Director in a Long Feature Film | certificate

FAGGOTS /Best Women Filmmaker in a Long Feature Film | certificate

Liar-In-Chief: A Chronicle of the Trump Presidency Through the Eyes of An Outraged Graphic Artist Best First-time Filmmaker in a Long Feature Film | certificate

FAGGOTS /Best Actor in a Long Feature Film | certificate

Sunnyville/Best Actress in a Long Feature Film | certificate

The Great Controversy between Good and Evil/Best Music in a Feature Film | certificate

Beyond The Vows/Best Editing in a Feature Film | certificate

Vengeance Served Cold/Best Cinematography in a Feature Film | certificate

Alta California/Best unproduced script in feature film | certificate

Sunnyville/Best Script in a Feature Film | certificate

Short film

Der Platz/Best Us Narrative Short | certificate

Mr Wong’s Lullaby/Best International Narrative Short | certificate

Fred Niblo: A Life of Art and Love/Best Us Documentary Short | certificate

Monk Arsenije/Best International Documentary Short | certificate

Fish Eye/Best Us Experimental Short | certificate

Revisiting T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land/Best International Experimental Short | certificate

Black Lapine/Best Micro Short | certificate

Of Dionysus/Best Erotic Short | certificate

Calor/Best Music Video | certificate

Life with the Patels/Best High-school Level Short | certificate

Masquerade/Best Director | certificate

The Ditch/Best Producer | certificate

Oak Hill Drive/Best Actor | certificate

Rumbo: First Pee/Best Actress | certificate

Rasheeda’s Freedom Day/Best Child Actor/Actress | certificate

My Human Experience: Episode #1 /Best Script | certificate

Exposures/ Best Unproduced Short Script | certificate

JUNE/Best Cinematographer | certificate

Voicemail/Best Editor | certificate

Grey/Best Music | certificate

Chemicals Between Us/Best Poster | certificate

The Magentalman and The Gentlemint/Best Animation | certificate

Rasheeda’s Freedom Day/Best Women Empowerment Short | certificate

The PRATT in the HAT/Best Women filmmaker in Short | certificate

My Women See Ghosts/Best Student Short | certificate

The Age of Agile/Best First-time Filmmaker Short | certificate

The Meet Up/Best Social Justice Short Film | certificate

K&A: Gay Camp/Best LGBT Short | certificate

Vamp Nite/Best Horror Short | certificate

NXT/Best Comedy Short | certificate

The Missed/Best Family Short | certificate

Animism – Orange Smoke/Best War Short | certificate

Rivals/Best Thriller Short | certificate

Lockdown /Best Covid Short | certificate

BLOCKED (Pilot Episode 1)/Best Web Series/ TV Pilot | certificate