Austin Arthouse Film Festival

Welcome to the Austin International Art Festival page, an IMDB quali6ed 6lm festival. This is a festival for both short and featured 6lms. We accept 6lms from all over the world, from American 6lmmakers and international ones. The main criterion for participating in the festival is artistic criteria and merits. We hope to provide a suitable environment for introducing short and feature 6lms. The festival believes that many 6lms are produced in today's world, and many of these 6lms want to know their outcome as soon as possible. With this in mind, our program will be held seasonally. At 6rst, all the works are reviewed and evaluated by the jury, and then, the jury announces the best result. If they want, seasonal winners can request a public online screening. Few of the winners will be selected for the physical screening. We also promote our winners through social media and issue certi6cates for our winners. The jury of the above festival has been chosen from expert members of cinema, from the university environment, from the working and professional background of cinema and the well-known cinema distributors. We believe our structure is the best answer to the reality of contemporary 6lmmaking. It allows the 6lmmaker to be informed of his work's result in the shortest time possible.

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